Petition to save Bletchley Park

In my last post, I mentioned Bletchley Park – where Turing et al. carried out their historic WWII cryptography work. Yesterday, I received an email message (via BCS) that described the financial troubles this place is in. I am reproducing the source email below, providing further information on this issue and requesting you to sign a petition.


*From:* Council of Professors and Heads of Computing in UK universities on behalf of Dr Sue Black
*Sent:* Wed 25/06/2008 11:06
*Subject:* Saving Bletchley Park

Dear all,

There is a petition asking for action to secure the future of Bletchley Park. As many of you will know this historic site is run on a charitable basis and holds the national museum of computing along with many other amazing exhibits. I strongly urge you to sign the petition and to support the campaign to save Bletchley Park.

I first visited Bletchley several years ago for a BCS SG meeting and was amazed by the place, so much so that I went away deterined to find some funding to record for posterity the efforts of the women who worked there during the war. The results of the subsequent project are described here:

ZDnet ‘Recognising Bletchley Park’s unsung Heroines

BCS ‘Women of Bletchley Park

BBC Radio 4 iPM ‘Women in Computing from Colossus to the present

and for a general news item and pictures see here:

BBC News ‘Colossus Mark II rebuild

The text of the petition is:

As has been reported elsewhere, Bletchley Park “have two to three more years of survival”.

The Bletchley Park Trust receives no external funding. It has been deemed ineligible for funding by the National Lottery, and turned down by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Please do not allow this crucial piece of both British and World culture to disappear. If ever an example were needed of Britain leading the world, this surely would be it. To allow it to fall into the hands of developers would be simply unconscionable.

Please sign up here:

Many thanks

Dr Sue Black BSc(Hons) PhD FBCS CITP
Head of Department of Information and Software Systems
Harrow School of Computer Science
University of Westminster
Watford Road, Northwick Park
Harrow HA1 3TP



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