RoboCup 2011

The past month has been hectic, consumed by our debut at RoboCup 2011 in sunny Istanbul, Turkey. It was a very interesting and educational experience for the team and me. We have received an unexpected amount of publicity ( which makes me a bit nervous – this was just our very first year in a competition that hosts many large and established teams with years of experience!

The summary of our performance:

In the Standard Platform league, we got eliminated in the group stages 0-1, 0-3,0-1 but that doesn’t say the whole story. In both the 0-1 , matches, we lost due to our own mistakes and our level of play was quite evenly matched against our opponents!

We had more success in our matches within the 2D simulation league. The virtual team, mainly developed by Majd Hawasly, won three matches in the group stages but then lost to more established teams when we got further (details here:

In both cases, we learnt a lot. On the positive side, it was clear that we fully understood the basic technical problems but needed much more time and, importantly, manpower to develop our core technology. Our robots were performing on par with other young teams when they worked well but the robustness needs improvement. However, we also learnt that we weren’t yet fully match ready. We need to play a lot more practice matches to fine tune our technology before the next world cup in Mexico.

If you want to watch one of our matches, follow the links below. These videos were shot and uploaded by our opponents, the Germans (Nao Devils – the team that played for the cup in the finals): (First half: Edinferno is in Red) (Second half: Edinferno is in Blue)

The people in our Standard Platform League team (Stathis Vafeias, Aris Valtazanos, Chris Towell and me):

… and finally, the entire Standard Platform League photo (to be precise, only the human participants :-)):

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