Is a rat smarter than Google?

I saw this in today’s issue of a daily ACM newsletter, the highlighted bit is especially noteworthy:

Is a Rat Smarter than Google? That’s What Two AI Experts Say
MSNBC (06/04/12) Sean Captain

Artificial intelligence (AI) researchers Yann LeCun and Josh Tenenbaum recently spoke at the World Science Festival about the relative capacity of modern AI technologies. In terms of computational ability, even the most-powerful computers in the world are just approaching that of an insect, according to LeCun. Even some of the seemingly amazing things that AI can do today, such as providing directions, use only a basic kind of intelligence called simple planning, Tenenbaum says. Real intelligence is using what has been learned to figure out new situations that have never been experienced. “That whole context of communication intelligence, of getting inside another person just by the data of what they say and you say back, that’s the heart of human intelligence,” Tenenbaum says. LeCun is experimenting with a driving robot that tries to identify objects around it. The researchers estimate that in order for a computer to match the human brain’s computing capacity, it would have to complete 1 quintillion operations every second. The researchers estimate that supercomputers will reach this level within 100 years.


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