Sensors on surfers

This video from Red Bull Sports describes a very interesting array of technology, sensing modalities to be precise, applied to the problem of better understanding the athletes’ physiology and performance:

Jake MArshall - Action - Surf Science

© Seth de Roulet/Red Bull Content Pool

Many of these sensors are becoming increasingly common. Certainly, in robotics labs like mine, we are routinely using motion tracking technology of various kinds, connecting tracked traces to motion analysis and so on. The way the Red Bull team have used pressure sensing footwear and the way they have setup the UAV to do personal tracking is handled very nicely.

Beyond that, although we are also beginning to play with eye tracking and EEG, I have not yet seen someone apply it in such a physically demanding environment. I’d love to know more about how the technology was actually deployed – we are keen to similar things in our own applications. Of course, the video says little about what was actually obtained from the analysis, e.g., the EEG sensor is only able to get a very coarse frequency domain measurement about the alpha-waves, it appears. Are they actually able to get meaningful interpretations from this sensor? For that matter, are they able to get genuinely useful insights from the SMI eye tracker?

Cool stuff!

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